Q: Why should I book this service?

A: Travelers that book Grab My Bag have the affordable convenience of landing and leaving once they arrive at their destination, and we will deliver their bags to where they have requested. We lighten their load and they get their time back to spend it on what matters most to them.


Q: How long does it take for you to deliver my bags?

A: We will deliver your bags to you within 3 hours of their retrieval from the airport baggage claim carousel.


Q: How far from the airport do you deliver?

A: Generally speaking we will deliver within 120 miles of the airport. However, if your destination is further than that, please contact us directly so that we can attempt to accommodate your request.


Q: How will I know where my bags are?

A: We offer personal tracking throughout the process and keep you in the loop about your bags eta.


Q: How do I know you and your “GRAB-bers” can be trusted with

     my bags?

A: We take the safety of your belongings very seriously. We are bonded, insured, and our “GRAB-bers” must be willing to undergo a background check to “GRAB” for us.


Q: Are my bags safe? Does someone go through them before they get to me?

A: The only people that will potentially go through your bags are authorized airport/airline personnel or TSA, which can take place at any point in time prior to your bags arriving at their final destination. A “GRAB-ber” will not go through your bags.


Q: How do you know a “GRAB-ber” has not gone through my


A: Your bags are sealed immediately when they are pulled off the baggage claim carousel. The seal has a serial number randomly assigned to you, which is not previously disclosed to anyone and cannot be duplicated. For everyone’s protection, a photo displaying that seal is immediately taken of your bags at the airport and upon delivery to you. The sealing of your bag, will be captured on airport security footage. If you receive your bag unsealed, you should contact us immediately at 1-833-244-9994.


Q: My bags have been delivered and I have a concern/question, what do I do?

A: If you have a concern about your bags upon delivery, contact us immediately at 1-833-244-9994.


Q: Are you affiliated with the airports or airlines?

A: No, we are not. We are a non-interested third party that works directly with and on behalf of our customers to “GRAB” their bags for them.


Q: Why do I need to name every person who checked bags and the number of

     bags they checked?

A: For security purposes, we have to ensure that we are “GRAB-bing” the appropriate bags, so your baggage claim ticket information, including the name of the actual person that the bags were checked under and the number of bags they checked, must be included in your “GRAB” booking information.


Q: My bags were lost by my airline, can you help with this?

A: That depends. If you booked our services beforehand – prior to arriving at your final destination’s baggage claim carousel and discovering that your bags were lost – then yes, this is something we can assist with during your “GRAB.” It’s a perk of the services we offer!


Q: I just found out my bags were lost by the airline, and I want to book you to handle it. Can I do that?

A: We are honored that you trust us to handle these affairs for you, but unfortunately we only offer our assistance for lost luggage to travelers that have pre-booked “GRABS” with us, not after the fact.


Q: Can you take my luggage to the airport for me?

A: No. Our service is only for delivery from the airport baggage claim carousel to your requested destination. We will only handle your luggage after you have landed at your destination, post the proper screening from airport security/personnel at the airports/airlines/TSA.


Q: Do you ship luggage?

A: No. We will not under any circumstances be able to ship your luggage to you. We only deliver your luggage to you from the airport baggage claim carousel to your requested location in that city/state. You must be in the same city/state as your luggage delivery request, at the time of delivery.


Q: My luggage is still at the airport and I am now in another state. Can you go pick it

     up and ship it to me?

A: If your luggage is still at the airport because it was left behind or lost during the travel process, and you are now at your next destination your airline should be able to facilitate getting your luggage to you. You should contact them directly.

Any suspicious activity, including fake calls inquiring about our service, fake booking requests,

or attempts to utilize Grab My Bag's services for illegal activities will be immediately

reported to the authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

All calls made to Grab My Bag are recorded.

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