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Understanding the GRAB-ber Ratings System

Grab My Bag

Understanding the GRAB-ber Ratings System

-United States-

Effective Date: January 2, 2021

As a GRAB-ber, you’ll receive ratings that help you track your performance on the platform. 

Ratings are calculated on a “rolling basis,” so, as you GRAB, ratings from past deliveries will be replaced by ratings from more recent deliveries. Customers rate their airport/airline experience (for Grab My Bag informational and improvement purposes only) and their GRAB-ber separately, so your rating should only reflect the customer’s delivery experience.

Ratings determine if you’re eligible to GRAB, and can also help you qualify for special programs and incentives. 

To help make ratings more fair, we remove any Customer Ratings you receive that are below 5 stars in these situations: 

  • Long wait times or lost luggage by airports/airlines (>4 hours)
  • Missing or damaged items, when bags or personal property are sealed immediately off of the baggage claim belt, by a Grab My Bag Runner, at the airport/airline baggage claim location, prior to you taking possession of them for delivery (as a reminder, customers request you do not open any sealed (or unsealed) bags, personal property, equipment, etc. that you receive/pick up for deliveries)
  • When the delivery is already expected to be >15 minutes late when you accept it 
  • When multiple GRAB-bers before you unassign, causing you to be >15 minutes late 
  • When the delivery is late due to multiple bags arriving at baggage claim late (3 or more)
  • Extreme weather conditions (e.g., snowstorm)
  • Uniquely challenging delivery situations related to protests (at this time, including Customer Rating, Acceptance and Completion Rate)
  • System-wide outages (including Acceptance and Completion Rate)
    • For other app issues, please see our troubleshooting guide

These adjustments happen automatically. Thank you for your continued efforts to serve customers on the Grab My Bag platform.

Rating  |   Minimum Required

Customer Rating | 4.2

Completion Rate | 85%

Acceptance Rate | No Minimum

On-time/Early Rate | Repeated lateness may result in deactivation

Customer Rating

Overall customer rating is a score from 1-5. It is calculated from the most recent 100 ratings submitted by customers on their delivery (not airport/airline) experience. New scores replace old scores, allowing GRAB-bers to improve their rating by “flushing out” older lower scores with newer higher scores as they become more experienced. This is called a rolling average and means that even if you drop below a perfect score of 5, you can get it back up to 5 if you continue to earn enough perfect scores. 

Why doesn’t my overall rating improve even after a great delivery? 

Some customers don’t leave ratings at all, even if everything about their delivery was perfect. Note that customers can choose to leave a rating later on, so you may see your overall rating change down the line. 

Assuming a GRAB-ber has received at least 100 ratings, every additional new rating will take the place of the oldest. If the latest rating is a 5 but the oldest rating was also a 5, then your overall average will not change. However, if the latest rating is a 5 and the oldest rating was a 3, then you will see an increase in your average. Conversely, if the latest rating is a 3 but the oldest rating was a 5, then you will see a decrease in your average. The best way to replace bad ratings with good ratings is to complete more high-quality deliveries. 

What if the customer doesn’t leave a rating? 

Your customer rating does not include deliveries in which the customer did not leave a rating. Therefore if you’ve received 100 ratings so far, and your next delivery does not receive a rating from the customer after you’ve completed the delivery, your rating will remain the same.
I didn’t do any deliveries recently but my rating changed? 

Sometimes there is a delay in when customers decide to complete their ratings on deliveries they have received. We can only take ratings into account after a customer has left them, so there may be times when your customer rating changes a long time after the delivery has been completed. This will likely be why you see your customer rating change even if you have not made any recent deliveries.
What is the minimum customer rating required?

GRAB-bers may be deactivated from the Grab My Bag platform if they have a customer rating below 4.2.

Completion Rate

Your completion rate is the percent of deliveries complete out of the 100 most recent delivery opportunities you accept. You can increase your completion rate by making sure every order you accept is delivered to the customer. It is also a rolling average, which means it may take a few opportunities before you see an increase in your average.

Once you have passed 100 lifetime deliveries, each additional opportunity will only have a 1% impact on your average. 

Example: A GRAB-ber has completed 300 deliveries and has a completion rate of 90%. If their car breaks down on their next delivery and they have to unassign, their completion rate will only decrease by 1%, down to 89%.  

What if the customer or merchant cancels the order?

Orders cancelled by the customer or merchant count as completed deliveries for you. Your completion rate decreases if you unassign yourself from an accepted delivery, or if you contact Support to request un-assignment from an accepted delivery.

What if I have an emergency and can’t complete an order?

We understand that things happen — your car dies or you have a family situation. That’s why you only need to maintain a minimum completion rate of 85% in order to keep your account on the platform. If you have an emergency during a delivery and need to report it, follow the instructions here. 

What is the minimum completion rate required? 

GRAB-bers are required to maintain a minimum completion rate of 85% in order to remain on the platform. 

I haven’t GRABBED recently due to Covid-19 or other reasons, and my completion rate is between 75% and 85%. What should I do?

We recognize that some GRAB-bers may not be GRABING right now, so we want to make sure that you don’t need to go out on the road today to keep your account active. Your account will be safe from deactivation for completion rate until you have accepted a minimum of 50 order opportunities after June 19, 2021. 

Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate is the percent of deliveries you accepted out of the 100 most recent delivery opportunities you receive. You can raise your acceptance rate by consistently accepting delivery opportunities that are assigned to you. It is also a rolling average as well, which means it may take a few opportunities before you see an increase in your average. 

There is no minimum requirement for acceptance rate, but consistently declining delivery opportunities negatively impacts the experience for other GRAB-bers (who will have less time to complete the delivery), the customer (who is more likely to get a late delivery), and even the merchant, airport, airline, or other businesses (whose unclaimed customer baggage will sit at baggage claim longer). 

On-time/Early Rate 

Your on-time/early rate is a percentage based on the number of orders you have completed by the estimated delivery time (or 5 minutes past), calculated from your lifetime deliveries.

While there is currently no minimum requirement for on-time/early rate, GRAB-bers are responsible for making sure that deliveries they choose to accept are completed on time. In agreeing to the Independent Contractor Agreement GRAB-bers agree to “complete delivery orders to consumers in a safe and timely fashion.“

Therefore, regardless of their overall On-time/Early rate, GRAB-bers who arrive at the merchant or customer significantly after estimated pick up or drop off times will be eligible for deactivation of their account for violating the terms of their ICA.


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