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We are accepting applications nationwide. Due to the volume of GRAB-ber applications we receive, by checking the box below and electronically signing above, you agree not to call, email, or otherwise contact Grab My Bag to request the status of your application. All submissions that adhere to our submission guidelines and terms outlined throughout this process, will be processed. Incomplete submissions will be denied and subject to the information that follows. Once contacted, you will have three days to complete and submit your background check. If you fail to do so within the allotted timeframe, your application will be denied. If you do not comply with this agreement in its totality, your application will be denied and you will forfeit the background check fee. By signing above and submitting a request for this background check, you attest that you are authorized to use the credit or debit card that you are providing to pay for your background check and administrative costs associated with your screening to be an Independent Contractor with Grab My Bag. You understand that this charge is non-refundable and that submitting for your background check is not a guarantee of employment or contractor agreement of any kind with Grab My Bag, and submissions will be processed on our timeframes. By signing above, you wish to move forward with your screening. Once contacted with next steps it is your responsibility to adhere to them in the allotted timeframes, or your application will be denied. Your signature indicates that the information you have provided for your background check and application is true and accurate, and confirms that you have read and agree to Grab My Bag's Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA), Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy. You understand that providing fraudulent application information, or processing payment for your background check with a card that you are not authorized to make charges to, will result in our cooperation with law enforcement authorities for legal prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.
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